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Roofer in Bellevue NE completes roof inspection after storm damage

Roofer in Bellevue NE completes roof inspection after storm damage

As one of the leading roofers in the Omaha area, Arcosanti Inc is dedicated to helping our Nebraska neighbors keep their homes safe and dry. After purchasing a residential property in Bellevue, NE, the new homeowners contacted their most trusted roofing company: Arcosanti, Inc. One of our experienced roofing experts was able to get out to their residential property right away. 

During the detailed inspection, our roofing expert discovered evidence of sloppy roof installation by the previous roofers. Important pieces of siding were not properly secured, and had slid out of place, causing hazards. Shingles had shifted and broken, and some shingles were already worn from foot traffic during installation. The sand topping on most asphalt shingles protects the roof from UV damage and heat transfer, and when it is worn away like this, it can lead to leaks.  

We also found several areas of weather damage that needed repair, including hail damage. While asphalt shingle roofs are designed to let most storm water run safely off the roof, wind-blown debris and hailstones can damage even the strongest shingles. This roof had several holes from hail as well as lifted shingles.

For over fifteen years, Arcosanti, Inc. has been helping our Nebraska neighbors with their roofing needs, whether that’s repairing storm damage or installing a new roof. Because of our years in roofing, we have developed relationships with roofing, siding, and gutter suppliers so that we can bring the best work to every job. If your roof has damage, contact us today for a consultation.