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Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Omaha NE

Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Omaha NE

Arcosanti, Inc. performed a successful storm damage roofing claim and roof replacement project for homeowners in Omaha, NE.

The homeowners were experiencing multiple leaks during rainstorms. Some items within their home were damaged before they even realized that the leakage was as severe as it was. They asked friends of theirs for advice on who to call and they were told by several previous clients to call us.

We arrived for an estimate the next day, as we wanted to prioritize their problem. We inspected the roof with the XAP360 drone, which showed hail damage that needed to be turned into insurance. We told the client we would be happy to help with the claims process and they were thrilled we could assist. We turned the claim in and insurance approved the claim based on the results of the drone inspection.

We also noticed during the inspection that the previous roofing company, who replaced the roof in 2013, didn’t properly flash the sidewall/roof connection, which led to significant rotten wood. This eventually rotted through the wood into the house, which is why the leaks were so severe, so our team planned to address those issues as well.

Our crew got started on the following week. They prepared the area for the project and removed the existing roof. They then replaced the rotten decking, the sidewall flashing and then they installed the roof and siding to industry standards and manufacturer specifications.

The client was more than happy with the project. Not only did they call us expecting to pay out of pocket to fix the leak and were happy that we identified the source of the leak and that it should be covered by insurance, but they also were enthralled with their new roof. The curb appeal is definitely increased for their beautiful home.

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Drone photo during the roof replacement in Omaha NE