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Commercial Roof Types

Whether your roof is ready for a built-up roof membrane face lift or you have properties needing a single metal panel roofing system replacement, our dedicated roofing experts deliver attention to detail and quality workmanship that is unmatched in the industry.

EPDM Thermoset Roof Systems are most commonly referred to as rubber roofing and are made of a lightweight material that offers easy installation and long-lasting durability, in addition to a cost-efficient price.

PVC Thermoplastic Roof Membranes are made of two layers of polyvinyl chloride materials. These roof membranes are light weight and heat-resistant as they are highly effective at reflecting UV rays. PVC thermoplastic membranes are also resistant to wind, heat, moisture and chemicals.

TPO Single-Ply Thermoplastic Systems are made of a lightweight material that offers many benefits, including a high resistance to fire, wind and chemicals with a high temperature tolerance. TPO single-ply thermoplastic systems also reflect UV rays and are one of the most popular commercial roofing types.

Polymer Modified Bitumen Sheets are made of several layers of materials that offer maximum protection and stability. Typically, they are two-ply systems that are easy to maintain and clean.

Spray Polyurethane Foam-based (SPF) Roof Systems are made of a liquid derived from two components. When the foam is sprayed, it transforms into a solid and durable plastic. The thickness of the spray can vary, enabling this roofing system type to meet thermal requirements that save energy.

Metal Panel Roofing Systems come in a variety of different metal options, including stainless steel, copper, tin, aluminum and coated galvanized steel. The cost of this roofing system can vary depending on the type of material.

Built-up Roof (BUR) Membranes are comprised of many surface material layers, including hot asphalt that serves as a bonding and waterproofing agent. The number of layers can vary depending on durability requirements and budgets, making it a cost-effective commercial roofing option.