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Drone Roof Inspection

Arcosanti, Inc has invested in the top AI technology available in the roofing industry to help our residential and commercial roofing clients. By using the best drone equipment & software we are able to provide an unbiased drone roof inspection & comprehensive estimate without having to interrupt your day.

arcosanti drone inspection

Residential Drone Roof Inspection 

If you need a roof repair or your roof replaced on your home, you need an unbiased drone inspection from your trusted local roof restoration company, Arcosanti, Inc. We provide safe, fast, and accurate autonomous drone roof inspections using the top tier technology in the field. 

  • Autonomous Drones = Fast, Safe & Accurate
  • Full Roof HD Photos Stored in Cloud
  • Insurance Carriers Use The Same Technology

Our roofing technology specialists will professionally scan your roofing using autonomous drones, and then they’ll use the latest software to produce a detailed report. This free, no-hassle ProScan roof report is digital, so it can be emailed to you immediately upon completion.

Then one of our professional drone experts will follow up with you and go over the report in detail. You can even ask to see the raw scan data to see the digital scan of your roof. 

Check out a sample ProScan summary below of a residential roof just like those in your area.


Commercial Drone Roof Inspection  

A professional drone inspection isn’t just for our local residential customers, it can be even more valuable to our Property Management companies and Commercial Property Owners! Our drone inspection solutions allow them to see what their portfolio of properties roofing looks like in detail. These detailed scans help our roofing experts identify critical risks to your roofing system, develop roof repair solutions, anticipate future repairs, and also implement damage control strategies. 

Our professional drone operators will implement the latest technologies to create digital scans, and then use those scans to develop a detailed roofing report. We’ll share the raw data and the easy to understand report with you to develop the right roofing solution for your commercial property. A drone roof inspection ensures that you know everything there is to know about your roofing, so that you can make informed decisions.

What is the Arcosanti Assurance program (XAP)?

With Arcosanti, Inc’s professional drone inspections, you also get our innovative, proactive program to help commercial property owners prevent or minimize risk through continuity and proper oversight. The Arcosanti XAP offers management companies a greater level of overview and control for their roofing and other exterior surfaces via:

Baseline inspections

Automated drone scans

Annual or as needed


24/7 Storm monitoring

Secure cloud reporting

Precision estimating

Insurance claim assistance

Service calls

Top level warranties

If you’re a local commercial property owner who needs a full service roofing solution, contact us for a live demonstration today!  We will fly one of our units to show you what our reports look like and go into more detail about best solutions for your commercial property. 

You can also check out a sample Property Management – Baseline Inspection Report below to see what Arcosanti, Inc can do for you.