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Roof Repair

What is Roof Repair?

When a storm rolls through, it can be a scary time for homeowners. High winds and heavy rains can wreak havoc on your roof, especially if your roof is old or improperly installed. But never fear, Acrosanti, Inc. is your local storm repair specialist, as we have over fifteen years experience with roofing in Chester County area. Even smaller problems like cracked shingles or leaking gutters can become bigger problems if not repaired, and our roofing experts can help with those too. 

When To Consider Roof Repair

You might need a roof repair in several different scenarios. The most obvious is damaged roofing materials from a storm, when winds rip off shingles or heavy rains overwhelm gutters. Smaller issues like cracks or shifted shingles can seem easier to ignore, but they can lead to expensive repairs or even roof replacement later on. Even small leaks let water into your home, which can flow down into the attic and interior walls, causing electrical problems, mold growth, and even structural damage. If you have a persistent leak, especially more than one leak, you need to contact our roofing experts and schedule a roof repair visit. 

How is Roof Repair Done?

First, Acrosanti, Inc. sends out a certified roofer to inspect your roof and identify the specific problem. Then, we discuss your options with you, keeping your budget in mind. We stand by our quality workmanship to fix issues, but we also use the best materials to ensure that our repairs protect your home for decades. Our fully trained roofing contractors also work efficiently to repair your roof and clean up after themselves when they’re done.

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What To Expect From a Roofing Contractor?

Acrosanti, Inc has been repairing and installing roofs in the greater Omaha area for over fifteen years, so we understand the needs of local property owners. We’ve seen all sorts of storm damage from wind to hail damage, and we know how to fix a host of roofing problems. Our expertise and commitment to quality work ensure that your roof will be good as new without breaking the bank.