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The professional roofing specialists at Arcosanti, Inc. are proud to be the top rated commercial roofer in Papillion, NE and surrounding areas. We strive to build client relationships and maintain them while working on their roofing, gutters and/or siding projects and beyond. We work with our clients’ unique and individual needs, customizing roofing plans that meet them.

Roofing Services Offered in Papillion, NE

  • New Roof Installation

  • Storm Damage Repair

  • Reroofing

  • Commercial Roofing

  • Drone Roof Inspection

  • Storm Damage Roof Repair

  • Roof Replacement


  • We are the top rated local roofing, gutters and siding company.
  • We have been serving clients for over 20 years.
  • Our team works in a professional and timely manner.
  • We operate with integrity and honesty.
  • We work hard to give our clients peace of mind every step of the way.

Things to do in Papillion, NE

Papillion, NE is located in Sarpy County, which is the fastest growing county in the entire state. The town is filled with a relatively young population with lots of life and charm. Several beautiful community parks are peppered throughout Papillion, adding to the list of things to do around town.

City Park is a popular park, with 6 acres of tall and mature trees. Children can play in the play area or run in the open spaces, which are also great for organized sports. Amenities include a large pavilion and a full-service restroom. Papillion Days Celebration, held each June, is held at City Park. During the winter, it is a site to behold, donned with loads of flickering holiday lights.

Papio Bay Aquatic Center is a favorite local hot-weather destination. Spanning across five acres, Papio Bay Aquatic Center offers loads to do, from swimming at the pool that features diving boards and water slides to other recreational activities. Play sand volleyball, grab some food or play in the sand nearby.

The Papillion Race Series is series of events that encourage locals to stay active while engaging with other members of the community. From 5k races to half marathons and triathlons (even one for kids), there are plenty of opportunities to get your move on.

New Roof Installation in Papillon NE

Recently, a residential property owner in Papillon, NE needed help with finishing the exterior of their home, including windows, siding, and a new roof. Luckily, homeowners in the greater Omaha, Nebraska area have roofing and home exterior experts on their side: Arcosanti, Inc. The experienced contractors at Arcosanti have been helping their Nebraska neighbors with home exterior projects and roofing for over fifteen years, so they can handle any job, including revamping the exterior of this Papillon home.

After hearing from the homeowner, we sent one of our experienced, licensed inspectors out to find out what we could do for them. New windows were the homeowner’s first concern, which is not a problem for Arcosanti, Inc. Our time in construction means we can get the finest quality products, including windows and exterior siding. Speaking of siding, our home exterior experts realized they needed to repair siding to complete the installation of new windows.

During our detailed inspection of the siding and roof, our inspector realized they also needed a new roof to properly insulate and protect their home. While a new roof might seem like a large expense to a new homeowner, roof leaks can costs several times more in repairs to both the exterior and interior of a home. Our Papillon, NE clients decided that a new roof was the best protection, and our experienced roofers installed it quickly and left the property clean. If you’re in the Omaha, NE area and want to protect your home, contact Arcosanti for a consultation right away.

New Roof in Papillion NE

The experienced roofing team at Arcosanti, Inc. had the opportunity to do an asphalt reroofing project in Papillion NE.

The couple had recently purchased their home and had found out afterward that there was hail damage when their insurance company came out to inspect the property prior to coverage. The client needed someone who could work with their lawyer to identify hail damage and provide an estimate to the seller’s lawyer in addition to justification for the roof repair work needed and pricing.

The client had previously received estimates from three other roofing companies – each of which were also able to confirm there was hail damage. However, their estimates were all over the place and many of their findings of hail damage were biased. The buyers’ lawyers wanted estimates and roof reports from four companies, so they gave us a call as they were referred to us by a previous client of ours. They explained their situation and asked if we could help.

We are equipped to help with such situations. We use Xactimate pricing, which is the same pricing the insurance industry uses. We also use an XAP360 for our drone inspections with AI analysis, which offers detailed and clear proof of damage in an unbiased and scientific manner. Ultimately, the lawyers chose to work with us and our numbers because they could be backed up in court if needed and as it turns out, the lawsuit was settled based off of our accurate inspection and estimate.

We replaced the roof for the client in addition to helping with the lawsuit details. We installed gorgeous new Malarkey Vista lifetime architectural shingles and the homeowners were amazed at how much the shingles added to the house – and their peace of mind, knowing their property is now protected.

Thank you for choosing Arcosanti, Inc. for your roofing needs!

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New Roof Installed in Papillion NE